Interview With A Burglar

March 9th, 2018
by blue123hoop

Tips for making your home burglar proof – from the mouth of a burglar

You can speculate all you like as to the best ways to secure home against intruders. Sure there are tried and tested methods like deadbolts, burglar alarms and even guard dogs. But what really deters a potential burglar from trying to break into your house? Well, we interviewed an anonymous ex-burglar who gave insider tips on what they looked for and what they avoided.

Tips from a Burglar

  • Ensure great vision right around your home. Remove tall or thick bushes close to the house along with tall fencing. Anything easy to hide behind is a big no no.
  • Install motion sensor lighting all around your property. Nothing says ‘what are you doing there’ like a bright light in the face.
  • Whether you’re wealthy or not, conceal anything that could be a tempting item to break in for. Garage your car, don’t display expensive ornaments, and if you can’t hide your things – close your curtains.
  • Install a security system through a reputable firm like or but don’t display a branded sticker in your window. Letting a burglar know which system you have installed could be enough information to help them break in.
  • Maybe your a cat person, maybe you keep pigeons, maybe both. But consider getting a dog, they are an effective deterrent, no matter the size, in fact a yappy dog can be more off putting than a big one.

You don’t want your house to look like Fort Knox, that looks like you’ve got lts of valuables inside ripe for the taking. Look at you neighbours houses and see what they have in terms of home security, your aim is to make your house less of a target than those around you.

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